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So I doodled some height difference kisses.

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Late? …No? .. HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!!! :”D <3

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Hello Heartache by Yuu.

[Link to Japanese original on pixiv]

This scanlation has been made with permission of the artist.

Please do not repost this work on tumblr or any other sites.  

Happy Easter everyone :D


♦Please (little sequel to this )

..he dragged him out of the water. immediately John felt the pain, which he ignored earlier. he checked the detective’s pulse and made sure if his condition was stable. Sherlock still was  unconscious.
'Don't you dare, to pass away… please.. don’t’

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30 day otp challenge: Day 2 - Cuddling somewhere


Stop! Let’s do a jump &amp; kiss ♥
[the best vids ever x x]


Stop! Let’s do a jump & kiss 

[the best vids ever x x]


continue of this one =D


femlock sketch for michi uwu


femlock sketch for michi uwu

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I’ve added a pre-order option for the translations of Griotte’s Sherlock doujinshi "Dramatic" and "Melodramatic" to my storenvy:

(For those of you who bought the “Memoranda” collection: these are stories one and two!)

"Melodramatic" is set to "coming soon" because I won’t be able to start translating it until next month so I don’t want orders coming in for both of the doujinshi at the same time. 

Each translation is 20$ and available for 15 people. If I get more than 5 pre-orders, I’ll reduce the price to 18$ :)

Please note:

This does not include a copy of the actual doujinshi! It’s only the translation!

The translation is for personal use ONLY. No re-selling, no using it for scanlations, no sharing online! Buy only if you’re okay with that.

If you have questions, don’t hesistate to contact me :D

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