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Missandei, drawn in PS.



The lonely - Sherlock by Mi-caw-ber

Broken pieces of
A barely breathing story
Where there once was love
Now there’s only me
And the lonely…

Birthday present for my friend Loki

Size: A4
Time needed:2 hours
Medium: 0,5 mechanical pencil
Mood: Can’t.stop.drawing.Benedict.   
Music: Christina Perri - The lonely, Hybrid - Falling Down

Thanks for watching!

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From the first time I read the “An Experiment in Empathy” series bybelovedmuerto one line has stuck in my head-

  “He grabs Sherlock’s head and touches their foreheads together and scoops him out of his own brain. John takes everything that is Sherlock and removes it and tucks it up close under his sopping wet cardigan and next to his heart.”

I knew I had to have that image made for me.  I have no ability myself so I had to rely on some lovely Sherlock artist.  inchells is that lovely artist

Thank you so much for the commission ! 


Quick Gabe + Cas chibis cause I wanted something of them to use for my main blog


Quick Gabe + Cas chibis cause I wanted something of them to use for my main blog


Make way for the new king


Have a physical examination (-_-)


I did this color meme on my other blog and these were the results~

I’m not accepting responses anymore so please don’t send me any, thanks~~


the rest of my fills for this color meme~

this was fun!!