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When Your Mind’s Made Up - Cast Of Once The Musical

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Arthur Darvill & Twitter

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Chris Hardwick’s Not-So-Secret-Anymore Birthday Video from the Cast of Doctor Who!

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Rory Williams | Series 7

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His face when he sees the CD is just too funny. Bloody hell indeed. 

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[full podcast can be found here]

Chris Hardwick: This is sort of a bittersweet ComicCon. This is your last San Diego ComicCon as the Doctor, technically.
Matt Smith: It’s kind of sad, isn’t it? Although, I heard about Gillan today.
C: Right?!
M: Did she throw it into the crowd and then go *imitates Karen’s accent* “oh no, I need it back”?
C: Yeah, okay, so Gillan is also bald—
M: Yeah
C: I mean like really bald. 
M: No, WAY bald.
CYour hair is short, but her hair is like, shaved.
M: I know. Moonface.

C: What happens now, after you do the Christmas Special, do you stay in England, do you come back to the States, what are you going to do?
M: I think I might come and live in LA for a bit, man, you know? Karen moved over, she loves it.

C: Have you seen Arthur in Once yet?
M: In Once? Yeah, dude, he’s like Mr. Sexy, man. Yeah he’s really good in it, he’s really good. Yeah, and he’s living in New York, he’s living the dream. And Karen, you know, off, great big movie star…still got a face like a moon.
C: And now a head like a moon.
M: Right? It’s like looking at the moon. But, you know, she’s just gonna keep climbing and climbing, and yeah. I’m proud of them both.

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