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Loki stylized wip XDDD part of the image im working on

avengers skit on Saturday Night Live starring Jeremy Renner

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Chris Evans as Captain America at the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron | Seoul, Korea. April 4, 2014

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you SuperAvengers!

Shout out to my friend Alexis for this genius idea.

Misha Collins- S.H.I.E.L.D Badass Agent Phil Coulson

Jared Padalecki-The Mighty Thor

Jensen Ackles-The First Avenger Captain America

Clif-The Incredible Hulk



Nicole-Black Widow

Stacy-Nick Fury

Ebony (Myself)-Iron Man

That’s the best photo OP I’ve ever seen! It’s perfect!

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fangirl challenge
3/15 favorite movies » the avengers

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Time will not heal a Dead Boy’s scars
Time will kill

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writingfish answered your post: NEW YORK

If you like the Avengers, could you walk around and possibly tell me where Stark tower would be located? XD

I love the Avengers! No idea where/what that tower might actually be though. Any ideas, followers?