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I am obsessed with all kinds of movies, TV shows, musicals, books, art, music, as well as LGBTQ/Gender related stuff and, from time to time, also politics.


I don't bite (unsless you want me to), so feel free to talk to me, ask me questions, give comments or whatever is on your mind, really, anytime. Anon or not, it's up to you.
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Blog Update: TV series review #2: Breaking Bad (Season 1)

Promo for the first season of Breaking Bad

Promo for the first season of Breaking Bad (source:


Title: Breaking Bad (IMDb)

Created by: Vince Gilligan

Seasons/Episodes: Season 1, 7 Episodes

Directed by: Vince Gilligan (Ep. 1), Adam Bernstein (Ep. 2, 3), Jim McKay (Ep. 4), Tricia Brock (Ep. 5), Bronwen Hughes (Ep. 6), Tim Hunter (Ep. 7)

Written by: Vince Gilligan (Ep. 1-4), Patty Lin (Ep. 5), George Mastras (Ep .…

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Blog Update: Blogging 201: Day 1 #blogging201

I decided to participate in Blogging 201. We will get daily assignments that are supposed to help us with our blogging.

The first assignment is to set 3 goals. So what do I want to do with my blog? What is my blog’s purpose?

Well, I already stated in the beginning that I want to post at least once a week. Post should be about anything related to culture.

I want people to get to know stuff, and I…

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You have replaced every piece of yourself. Mechanic or organic. Time and time again. There’s not a trace of the original you left.

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Legit Johnlock Scenes

Sherlock Holmes is actually a great boyfriend.

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Exclusive artwork I did for the awesome SherlockNYC event, which I attended yesterday (recap here)! This poster was raffled off to the audience at the screening. Any future prints of this piece will only be sold through SherlockNYC.

reapersun also did a shitton of amazing artwork for this event!!

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Most of you probably know Society 6 by now. They sell prints, home decor, phone and laptop cases, clothing etc.

If you don’t know that site, I’d recommend to check it out. As a plus, they have free world-wide shipping today (Oct 19th).

I also have an account with them where you can purchase my photos as prints or printed on various goods.

You can find me here:

Thanks :D

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