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This is a MULTIFANDOM blog. You'll find Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, ...
I am obsessed with all kinds of movies, TV shows, musicals, books, art, music, as well as LGBTQ/Gender related stuff and, from time to time, also politics.


I don't bite (unsless you want me to), so feel free to talk to me, ask me questions, give comments or whatever is on your mind, really, anytime. Anon or not, it's up to you.
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Loki stylized wip XDDD part of the image im working on

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You know the question I had after Gerard first told me about our family. Why us? He quoted me Winston Churchill: The price of greatness is responsibility. Personally, I think it’s more about knowledge. What we know. The truth we know about the world. 

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A new picture from the Ian Derry photoshoot (x)

A new picture from the Ian Derry photoshoot (x)

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Dante poster wip


Big Frozen genderbend dump part 2 ^————-^ and quite possible the last for now, I’m tired lol

Part 1 here

I think, after seeing a few comments, that’s valid to add I do this only for fun, and curiosity. I don’t think this version is better than the original

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[x] Misha, West & Maison at the All-Star Lunch

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you didn’t say anything

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